"Since undertaking this program I found that shortly thereafter I was
almost completely pain free which if you suffer from regular pain felt like going on holiday
and was a tremendous relief. Shortly after that I was able to take up running again , something I thought I would never be able to do". - Mark (abridged)

"I’ve had a really positive experience at Total Rehab. I was immediately impressed at how well they listened and got to the nub of the pain issue; then they helped me to work on not only getting better, but increasing my strength to avoid a repeat of the injury. Shakeela and Bryce are really friendly, approachable and offer practical common sense advice in plain understandable language. The exercises scheduled in my treatment were realistic and suitable for my lifestyle. Thanks! - Tracey

"I would not function without Bryce's personal rehab programme! He is Brylliant - my Total fix." - Oli

"I'm a 62 year old male and in March this year I injured the ligaments in my right knee to the point that I could barely hobble around, then came 7 months of physio, and exercises with Bryce to effect a healing which then culminated in me completing the two walks below".

11th Nov 2017

Kohukohunui Track 19 Km walk in the Hunua Ranges, followed by

18th Nov 2017

Tongariro Crossing 19.4 Km walk  in National Park.

I recommend Bryce to you just as my friend Lu recommended Bryce to me.

Thanks  Bill Pollock